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Election Board Monitoring

Because of a long history of voter suppression aimed at black voters, before the Shelby Supreme Court decision in 2013, Georgia had to acquire pre-clearance by the Department of Justice to implement any changes to voting laws or voting rules.  Part of this process was known as “notification” where governments, non-profit organizations, and lawyers were notified when proposed changes to voting laws were made at the state and local election board level. For example, in the 2016 Presidential Election people turned out to vote on election day at the same location they’ve voted at for years, only to find out once they arrived that the site was no longer a polling location, with poor directions to the new polling location. Until Congress fixes the formula for the Voting Rights Act, notification is no longer in place. That means it falls to us to monitor the actions of the County Board of Elections year round by attending its meetings (usually held monthly), developing relationships with the members, and raising our voices at crucial times.

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