Problems with Voting Machines

Posted on by Christian Dacus

Some voters at polling places across Georgia are reporting that their recorded votes on the voting machine are INCORRECT on the final ballot summary screen (e.g., a vote for Candidate A has been switched to a vote for Candidate B). This is also being called “vote slippage”.

Here’s what to do:

  • Double check all of your selections on the final ballot summary screen to confirm that they are correct before you hit the “cast my ballot” button!
  • If you see any of your recorded votes are NOT correct – do NOT cast the incorrect ballot! Instead:
  • Raise your hand and ask to speak to the POLL MANAGER (not a poll worker)
  • Show your ballot and explain what happened
  • Look for the voting machine identification number and write it down. (If you can’t find it, ask the poll manager. If they can’t help, make a not where the voting booth is -e.g., the 3rd machine from the left).
  • Take note of your interactions with the poll manager and others, and the steps they take to resolve the problem. Ask for their names.

**Step away from the polling area and call**



  • If you HAVEN’t been able to cast your votes correctly, they will walk you through the steps to do so.
  • If you HAVE been able to cast your correct ballot, tell them exactly what happened. They need to document the issue, and follow up about the voting machine, in order to protect other voters.

If a poll watcher is available, they may be able to assist you outside of the polling are, as well.

(Note: Don’t take a photo of your ballot, it’s not permitted)

Please also share your story with other organizations working for secure & fair GA elections:

Coalition for Good Governance 704-292-9802/

Laywers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law 1-866-OUR-VOTE

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